I Shall Not Want

I Shall Not Want


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Imagine living in a world where your every need is met, where every obstacle is overcome and every shadowy fear is repelled.

Imagine living in a world where the highest form of leadership known to man has engaged with your life and now taking you forward.  How could you fail?

Imagine being chased – not by enemies out to get you – but by a love that is desperately trying to catch you, with nothing less in mind than your blessing.

Too good to be true?

And even if it were true, most of us would think we just don’t deserve it.  But in this passionate book, founded in God’s amazing grace, Andrew unpacks the most famous of all scriptures, the 23rd Psalm.

What did David have in mind when he wrote the 23rd Psalm?  A book to be enjoyed by God chasers everywhere – or even those just looking.

Written by Andrew Owen.



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